Wolfy Wet Furr

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Modern Illustrations.


Greetings! I'm known as Wolfy Wet Furr, a digital anthro artist and illustrator from Arizona, USA.I especially enjoy creating scenes that convey not only action, but emotions that bring characters to life.

There are three aspects to my fursona, exploring the world through the perspective of a human werewolf, and a dragon. Named Rift, Wolfy Wet Furr, and Sliv'oth respectivly, the three forms answer to the nick name, "Infinite", for the markings they share.Some times he even appears as a hybrid of these three aspects!

Outside of work, I enjoy painting studies, walkies, and the Magic the Gathering trading card game at weekend meets.


All prices are in USD.
Last Updated: 10/24/2022
Please review my ToS for an application form.

Price Per Character
Basic Sketch - 60$
A black and white sketch on a grey background. Will show guidelines.
Wings, extra limbs, clothes, extreme detail will cost extra. Adding up to $20 for each addition.

Prices Per Character
Full Render & Atmospheric: Portrait: $60 | Maw Shot $80 | Half Body: $100 | Full Body: $130
Detailed Background/Props: + $30 Each

The best way to reach me is via instiant message on Telegram, or a note on FurAffinity.Please review my ToS for an application form.


General & Commission Inquiries: Twitter or a note on FurAffinity

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following Terms of Service listed below.
Please review all terms before ordering a commission.

Please copy the form provided below below in an email, fill in the requested fields (1-5), do not modify or omit any portion of the form, and send it labeled "commission inquiry" to: [email protected]If any part of the form is missing, or a line has no response, you will be asked to resubmit a completed application.-------
1) Please describe the scene you would like. Poses, mood, atmosphere, -feeling- of what you are looking for with the character(s), and why are you looking for this scene in particular to be painted?2) Please provide links, descriptions, reference photos (INCLUDING real photos of animals, accessories, locations, etc)-- anything you can provide to help me understand the character(s) and how they relate to the image you wish for me to paint.3) Tell me about the character(s), what's their relationship with each other (is applicable); what's their relationship to YOU?4) What type of commission are you looking for? (Standard options provided here - https://wolfywetfurr.carrd.co/#commissions):5) Have you read and agree with the terms of service? ( https://wolfywetfurr.carrd.co/#tos ) Yes/No:
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-Q&A--Where do I accept commissions?: Twitter, FA, and my commission e-mail. I will require a complete copy of the provided form be e-mailed to the provided address regardless of which platform the commission is accepted on.-Do I accept commissions via IM like telegram or discord directly?: No-Do I make lots of money doing commissions?: Unfortunately not. I empathize with how expensive it is, but it's a lot of money because it's a lot of work and my sole source of income.-How long is the turnaround for the art?: for smaller projects I aim to finish within a week from starting. For larger projects, give it about a month from starting.-stream?: Maybe!-How do commissions work?: I post a journal FA and often a Tweet on Twitter asking for applications. Only projects properly filled out will be considered. I will notify you directly if I accept the application.Space is limited and I dislike large queues. Keeping it short ensures reliable turn around, and reopening sooner!-- What will boost chances of getting a slot?: Here's what I look at in order when considering a project. 1-5 are most important.1) If I like the idea.
2) If I like the character.
3) If the application is filled out correctly.
4) If the budget is right for the project.
5) If you have a good history of commissions in general.
6) If you have been on FA or similar for a longer time.
Terms of service:
TL;DR: 18+ only, pay for your art, I refund at my discretion, I can make and sell copies and you cannot. All the usual stuff.
I retain the rights to the image and post it wherever and whenever I want. I have the right to reproduce copies of the piece for sale, even if it is a commission without compensation to the character owner, though I will do my best to inform parties involved in the art and give them proper credit if requested. Likewise I may or may not post the art to my page, but you are free to if you are the commissioner or your character is present in the artwork, and the artwork has been paid in full.I will not do commissions for those under the age of 18. By agreeing to this TOS and sending a commission application, you are confirming you are at least 18, and must provide proof of age if asked for. If you are under 18 you are not entitled to either the artwork nor any refund of any kind.By agreeing to the TOS, you agree to pay for the commission in full. If you have paid in full, you are entitled to a file of the image in any format requested at both posting size and full resolution. You may also request changes to the project after completion, though I will make those corrections at my discretion and may request a fee.Policy on Refunds: I ultimately retain the right to refund at my discretion regardless of project size. You must notify me of your requested refund or inability to pay BEFORE the project is near-completion. Refunds will be delivered in full or partially depending on how many hours have been spent working. You may not refund via paypal chargeback, or any other means. doing so may result in being publicly blacklisted.Failure/refusal to pay: If you refuse to pay, or seek a refund outside of the refund policy listed above, you waive the right to post/modify the final artwork, or any WIP of the work. You waive the right to have your character credited in any way. If I decide to post the project, I may label the project as unpaid and/or make it known that the owner of the character did not pay. I retain the right to re-use any stage of unpaid artwork for personal use or resale, such as YCHs. If the cost of the project is split between multiple parties, all parties MUST pay for the piece. I split invoices for the commissioner's convenience, but ultimately it is the commissioner's responsibility to pay for the project in full.Commissions are to be paid in full during, or by the end of, the initial thumbnailing stage. Work will not continue until paid in full.At no point may my work be used in NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens).Thank you for taking time to review my ToS and rules. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!